CFTB receives first ever grant to provide computers to persons on SSDI and/or SSI and to parents of children w/visual impairments!      

Press Release: Computers for the Blind (CFTB) is pleased to announce a substantial grant from the Reading Resource fund, Communities Foundation of Texas to provide almost 700 computers to persons on SSDI and/or SSI as well as families of children with visual impairments.    Please share widely with staff and consumer organizations, and parents of children with visual impairments and their support groups such as NAPVI and statewide chapters of NAPVI.


Consumers who are on SSDI and/or SSI can receive a desktop computer package (desktop computer, flat screen monitor, and peripherals') for $50 or a laptop for $70. Award letter from SSA required. - Parents of a child with a visual impairment may receive a desktop computer package (desktop computer, flat screen monitor, and peripherals') for $50 or a laptop for $70. A letter of recommendation from the student’s Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) is required. The letter needs to indicate that obtaining a computer at our standard price of $110 would create a financial burden on the family. No other financial information needed. The TVI also needs to indicate that the student needs a computer and is capable of benefiting from the computer.  Note: We have discovered that a child who can press the space bar may be able use a computer with proper training, special software, and USB connections. See attached.  NOTE: Go to CFTB website to seewhat we provide. All computers have a 2 year warranty. Purchase orders not accepted for this grant. CFTB does not recommend and rarely approves a laptop computer for persons who use MAGic screen magnification as the laptop screen is not large enough. CFTB now accepts credit and debit cards or Pay-Pal. Talking Typing Teacher is available from MarvelSoft for $10 through this grant.  It is 90% off of retail and is highly recommended for all users!   For additional information or to please an order contact:   Customer service: 214-340-6328, leave one message only. Staff will get back to you within two business days.
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